Is it free ?

Yes, the basic version of our product to practice English speaking is absolutely free, and you're not limited in the number of meetings you can participate in.

However, we are developing fantastic AI features to give you powerful tools to improve your English more effectively and faster.

How does work?

Quick registration.
Join the room, and we will match you with others who want to practice speaking English.
To make conversation engaging and valuable, we supply each meeting with speaking cards and helping words to improve your speaking skills.

Who will I be talking to?

You will join English speaking room with maximum of four people who also want to practice their English.
Any time soon we expect to implement more matching features like:
Country Level of English Topics to discuss
Famous people
Ask your partner:
Who is your favorite celebrity, and why do they inspire you?
Dreams & Goals
Ask your partner:
What are the benefits of setting clear goals in life?
Ask your partner:
How do you stay informed about current events and political issues?
Ask your partner:
What qualities do you look for in a close friend?

What topics can I discuss?

We created numerous English speaking practice cards that cover all possible questions you would discuss in your native language.

We supply each speaking card with helping words related to the topic to make it easier.

How flexible is the scheduling?

No schedule join the meeting whenever you want.
1. How do I track my progress?
We are developing new features to track the English speaking progress, and they'll be aired soon.
2. What if I encounter technical issues?
We appreciate any feedback about any issues you encountered on our platform. You can always text us at
3. Can I choose or change my speaking practice partners?
You cannot choose them, but if you are not satisfied with the people in the conversation room, you can always leave it and rejoin another room in a few minutes.

Wetalk: Your Partner
in Mastering English Fluency

At Wetalk, we empower you to elevate your English speaking skills through personalized and accessible online practice sessions.

Join learners worldwide as you embark on a journey to speak English confidently and fluently with our expert-led platform.

To become better at speaking English we have some recommendations for you

Practice Regularly

Consistency is key in language learning. Dedicate time each day to practice speaking English. Engage in conversations with friends, family, or language partners.

The more you speak, the quicker you'll improve.

Listen Actively

Enhance your listening skills by consuming English media such as movies, podcasts, and music.

This will help you understand various accents and dialects, and improve your ability to comprehend and respond more naturally.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Learn new words daily and use them in sentences.

Apps and flashcards can assist in memorizing vocabulary effectively.

Try to use your new words in conversation to cement them in your memory.

Read Out Loud

Reading books, articles, or even your own written work aloud is an excellent way to practice pronunciation and fluency.

This also helps in building reading comprehension and speaking skills.

Record and Review

Record your speaking sessions and listen to them. This will help you catch mistakes and monitor your progress.

Focus on areas where you hesitate or make frequent errors.

Join Speaking Clubs or Online Groups

Participate in language cafés, clubs, or online forums where you can practice speaking English.

Or join meetings and start practice your English speaking skills today.

Engage in Role-plays

Role-playing exercises can improve your speaking skills by simulating real-life situations. They can be fun and highly effective in practicing new phrases and responses.

We provide English speaking cards during our meetings to simulate real-life conversations.

Learn Phrases, Not Just Words

Understanding phrases and idioms is crucial in sounding natural.

Learn phrases that native speakers use, which will help you in conversations.

Get Feedback

Regular feedback is crucial.

Whether from a teacher, a peer, or through an interactive platform like Wetalk, constructive criticism helps you adjust your learning path.

Be Patient and Positive

Language learning is a journey.

Stay motivated, and don't get discouraged by setbacks.

Celebrate small victories to stay inspired.

How Wetalk Supports

Your Journey to Fluency

Our platform is designed to integrate these practices into your learning routine.

With access to native speakers and a community of learners, you receive real-time English speaking practice.

Our flexible scheduling allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience, making it easier to commit to regular practice.

Start Your Path to English Fluency Today with Wetalk

  • Ready to improve your English speaking skills?
  • Join Wetalk now, and utilize our platform alongside these effective tips to turbocharge your learning.
  • Speak English with confidence and ease as you meet and interact with our supportive global community.